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Off-Road – With so many Heavy Duty equipment manufacturers producing new equipment and meeting the stringent emissions requirements it’s imperative that you have partners who are willing to contribute valuable expertise. Maxum takes pride in being on the leading edge of our industry and sharing our expertise with our customers.

  • Tank Supply - We will sell, supply, or loan you the right tank with dispensing equipment for your job.
  • Fuel testing - We will take bottom samples of your fuel tank/s and test the sample to determine if your fuel is clean or contaminated. Then we will work with you to develop a fuel maintenance program that will ensure clean fuel which is free of sediment, microbial growth and water.
  • Keep Dry - Through decades of experience we have learned several tricks on how to keep our fuels and lubricants free of sediment and moisture. The solutions are inexpensive and simple.

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What can Maxum do for you?

Maxum is the largest single source lubricant blending company in the Western United States, and the only one that does not outsource distribution. We maintain our own fleet of tankers and barges.


Servicing the US Navy, commercial fishing vessels, tug boat fleets and more...


Maxum has several large contracts with inland drilling operations to supply drilling equipment fuel and lubricant.


Utilizing our high capacity blending facilities, Maxum is one of the largest custom blend contractors in the US.

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