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Maxum Petroleum and Pilot Thomas Logistics have raised the bar on cleanliness, oxidation control, and varnish mitigation to help you improve reliability in industrial turbines and combustion engines.

We know that your Turbine Oil and all other onsite lubricants must be delivered Ultra Clean and then be carefully handled to reduce contamination and maximize the life cycle of the oil.

We are proud to have a partnership with Chevron as they have been a leader in the Power Generation industry for many decades.

  • We know that one of the best defenses against varnish, rust, corrosion and other particle contamination is the guaranteed delivery of ultra-clean oil. Then equally important is maintaining that high-level of cleanliness throughout the life-cycle of the oil.
  • We have developed solutions and a dynamic team that can solve nearly any issue relating to oils and fuels that pose a threat to a Power Plant, Drilling rig or Wind Mill farms.
  • We also offer Biodegradable greases, hydraulics and oils to meet the most stringent environmental demands.

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What can Maxum do for you?

Maxum is the largest single source lubricant blending company in the Western United States, and the only one that does not outsource distribution. We maintain our own fleet of tankers and barges.


Servicing the US Navy, commercial fishing vessels, tug boat fleets and more...


Maxum has several large contracts with inland drilling operations to supply drilling equipment fuel and lubricant.


Utilizing our high capacity blending facilities, Maxum is one of the largest custom blend contractors in the US.

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